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Do you actually like to read thru 20 hosting reviews just to pick up the right web host? Seriously, do you?

No, you don’t. There is no joy in sitting in front of a monitor screen, scrolling up and down on page-after-page of reviews. You have better things to do in life.

After years of testing and working with people who need/want a web host, I noticed one very important thing: You actually do not need a lot of choices to make the right decision in hosting. More choices do not help you make a better choice. In fact, wide choices eventually become noises that delay your decision and make you less productive.

You want a web host, you need to make a choice that solves your hosting needs, full stop. There is no point to stretch yourself thin in this. Pick someone credible to trust, read their recommendation, check if the price fits into your budget, make the purchase, and that’s it, job done.

This is why is born.

This is why I built when I already have (a huge, popular site with lengthy hosting guides and reviews).

The idea of is to give clear, absolute direction to those who are searching for a web host; and help you choose the right web host in 15 minutes.

Who Should Visit is designed for two types of people – the newbies or the intermediate level webmasters and the experienced webmasters.

1. For The Newbies and the intermediate…

In case that you are just starting off or sort-of-experienced, 99% chances that all you need is a standard shared hosting deal. That’s right, nowadays shared hosting plans are like VPS (or dedicated) hosting in 1999 – the features you get in shared hosting deal fit the needs of most websites and blogs.  Also, unlike 10 years ago most shared hosting plans nowadays come with the same features at similar prices. Hence, there is no point to review and compare 20 different hosting companies that the same hosting plans.

To save your time, I have narrowed down your choices into three (or four) choices: WebHostingHub, iPage, GreenGeeks, and InMotion Hosting. WebHostingHub and iPage are the cheapest* among all; GreenGeeks is the greenest (eco-friendly) hosting;  and if you have some extra budget, InMotion Hosting is the one to go with. Click on the links (in each host name) for my in-depth review or check out the big comparison table I made at the homepage.   

* Price based on special discount available on this site only.

2. For Experienced Webmasters

Experienced webmasters probably do not need the big comparison table I have at my homepage. You guys also probably do not need me to tell you which web host to go with.  And, the last thing y’all want to read is another superficial hosting reviews written based on commission payouts and view from outside.

Well if that is the case, then you are probably here for two reasons:

One, you need my connection with certain hosting companies for the extra discount. In this case, you can check out my WebHostingHub, GreenGeeks, and InMotion review page – I have exclusive deals with these web host. You can also check out my hosting coupon page on WHSR for discounts on other hosting companies (including those that I have never try before).

Two, you need some of my view from the inside as a customer. Well if this is the case, you can rest assure that all my reviews are written based on my real experience. Feel free to make use of them!

About Me

Hello. My name is Jerry Low from Malaysia and I am here to help you get the job done at a much quicker pace.

I made my very first Flash website back in 2002; established my web development business in 2004; quit my day job and turned full-time as a web developer/marketer in August 2006; and built the popular hosting review site, (WHSR), in May 2008. Because of work and my personal interests, I get to "play" with lots of different hosting services. To name a few: Network Eleven,, Lunarpages, iPowerWeb, Dot 5, Hostgator, InMotion, BlueHost, HostMonster, iPage, FatCow, JustHost, WebHostingHub, WP Engine, Exabytes… etc.

I am a proud father of a cute little boy named Zi Qi. I’m sort of a geek in computer stuffs but I also do enjoy outdoors a lot. When I am not working, I’d be probably having fun with Star Craft 2, basketball, photography, or some comics-drawing.

For those who wish to get in touch, email me at jerry -[spam stopper, you know what to put here for an email]- You can also follow me on Twitter @WebHostingJerry or Google+ @Jerry Low; but frankly I don’t spend that much time on social networking sites these days.


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