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Note: I no longer update this site. For more info, please read my Hostgator review at WHSR.


Hostgator was founded by Brent Oxley in his college dorm back in 2002. The company grew from a one-man operation to one with hundreds of employees over the years; and was ranked 21st on Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company in year 2008, 239th on Inc. 5000 in year 2009.

At this time of writing, Hostgator is being acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG), a business group of web hosting companies. News reports and rumors said that Brent has accepted EIG’s offer price of $225 million for the company but so far there is no official announcement from both parties. Brent do, however, sent an internal email to his fellow gators confirming about his decision to sell the company.

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There are generally three different types of discount codes available in the market. One is the usual official promo code (something like ‘bestoffertoday’ or similar) that gives 20% price cut; the other one is $0.01 hosting offer where Hostgator will charge only one cent on your first month hosting bill (if you do the maths, the deal is actually below 10% price cut).

Both of these promotions are NOT the greatest deal.

If you want the best Hostgator discount, then you need to search for the third type of discount code – the exclusive 25% discount code – something like this one of mine: WHSR25DISCOUNT.  Such promotion code is given to a special small group of top Hostgator partners – and it’s the best discount available online.

Price Differences With Promo Code WHSR25DISCOUNT

Hostgator Hosting Before Discount After Discount Savings/Year
Hatchling Plan $4.95/mo $3.71/mo $14.88/yr
Baby Plan $7.95/mo $5.96/mo $23.88/yr
Business plan $12.95/mo $9.71/mo $38.85/yr

How To Use Hostgator Promo Code

Hostgator Promo Code - 25% Price Discount

It’s easy to make use of this code. Upon making your order at, there will be an input box for Coupon Code, type in WHSR25DISCOUNT, click continue to reach at the payment page. At payment page, scroll down below and look for the row named ‘Coupon Credit’. If the promo code is correctly applied, you will see your bill is discounted for 25%.

What Does Hostgator Have To Offer? Hostgator Hosting Plan Details

Hostgator Shared Hosting Plans

Unlike iPage or WebHostingHub, Hostgator offers three different shared hosting plans to fit different webmasters’ needs. Thsee three shared hosting plans are named as Hatchling, Baby, and Business.

Both Hatchling and Baby Plan comes with the same basic ‘unlimited hosting’ features, except that on Hatchling, you can only have one domain hosted and are unable to purchase a dedicated IP. As for Business Plan, you get a lot more extra features on top of what you can get on Baby, including private SSL, free dedicated hosting IP, as well as toll free business number with 100 minutes of free talk time.

How To Choose Between Hatchling, Baby, And Business Hosting Plan?

Do not get scared by the options you have at Hostgator – it is indeed a very simple choice. Questions to ask:

  • Do you want to host multiple domains on Hostgator? If no, then Hatchling is the plan to go with; else, take Baby.
  • Do you need business hosting features such as private SSL, and toll free numbers? If yes, then go with Business Plan, else fall back to the usual Baby Plan.

The good thing about Hostgator plans is that upgrading (from Hatchling to Baby/Business or from Baby to Business) is completely free. All you need to do is to fill up this upgrading form, and the tech person at the Gator will do the job. Hence it is advisable to start at the lower level plan (Baby/Hatchling) when you are unsure, and only request for an upgrade when necessary.

Benefits With Hostgator Hosting Hostgator Hosting – Benefits

  • Very Reputable Hosting Company Hostgator has a very long history in business and the web host is loved by many, many webmasters (for example, here’s another very positive Hostgator review by the Insiders).
  • Fast Servers With Extraordinary Uptime Record I am a Hostgator customer for years and I have been tracking my Hostgator-hosted site since 2008. My site uptime NEVER drops below 99.9%  uptime! Do I need to say more for a $5.96/mo web host?
  • Green Hostgator is a certified eco-friendly web host and its operation is 130% powered by wind energy.
  • Quality Customer Supports Hostgator provides topnotch technical supports via phone calls, live chat system, emails, and a hyper-active employee-supported forum (something that you don’t see with most other web hosts). Note that I am saying this based on my first hand experience – I have a lot of positive experience with the Gator’s support over the years, and I’ll talk more about it later.
  • Wide Server Upgrade Options Hostgator Shared Hosting Plans come in three flavors: Hatchling, Baby, and Business. The web host also offers VPS (up to 12 level), Reseller, as well as Dedicated Hosting Plans. There are plenty room for growth – you will not have to worry about your site outgrowing your web host in future.
  • Affordable Business Hosting Plan While my Hostgator review is based on the Baby Gator Hosting Plan, users (business men especially) who do not mind paying a little should consider Business Plan – it comes with dozen of wonderful unique features, including free private SSL, dedicated IP, and toll free number (with free call time), all at the price of $12.95/mo.
  • Transparent Hostgator is very clear about the limitations of its unlimited hosting features (if you do not understand the truth of unlimited hosting, please read this). Unlike many other web hosts that come with hidden terms and conditions, the Gator has a clear list of rules on its server resource usage. For example, hosting account exceeding 250,000 inodes will be suspended after first warning, usage of more than 25% CPU resources will be warned and suspended, hosting a game server on its shared server will be suspended, etc etc.

Problems With Hostgator Hosting Hostgator Hosting – Drawbacks

  • Acquisition by Endurance International Group (EIG) Some webmasters worry that the standard at Hostgator will be pulled down with the arrival of EIG. I agree that these worries are reasonable; though personally I am optimistic with the acquisition (the boss changed, but the company culture remains).

My Experience With Hostgator Hosting

As you can see, there is almost no drawback on Hostgator in my book. Truth is, for a web host that cost less than $10 per month, I can’t find anything major to complain. I have been with the Gators for more than 5 years and it had impressed me again and again.

Hostgator Server Uptime

For one, my sites are always responding at a satisfying rate. Furthermore, my site was almost 100% up throughout the years. Or, to be exact, my Hostgator-hosted site recorded a 99.95% uptime record for the past 6 years. For your reference, the figure on the right is the real time tracking on Hostgator’s uptime record.

And, the best part of my Hostgator experience is the customer support. The Gator folks are the best among all hosting companies that I have tried (okay, not all, WP Engine beats Gators in term of technical level but WP Engine costs 10x more expensive than Hostgator).

There are at least half a dozen of times I asked for help in the past, never once (not even once) that the customer service staffs let me down. There was once my site was hacked, the problem got fixed almost instantly. Then on another time my account was on the edge of suspension due to massive traffic surge (first page on Reddit!), I received a warning phone call at 9pm (yes, the Gators will call you – even if you live across the globe like me!) and a guy from customer support (that I forgot his name) came in rescue and solved the issue at 11pm (optimized my database and tentatively increase my CPU usage quota). Again, on another case, I need to change my primary domain associated with my account and was too lazy to learn how to do it; I shot a question at the live chat system and my request is fixed within 10 minutes.

There is a reason why the support quality at Hostgator is that good.  The support system (which was built in-house) comes with a rating system that enables customers to rate the quality of the service; and this rating in turn affects the salary pay of the support staff. Needless to say, this pushes the Gators to work at their best to win better rating as it impacts their wallet directly (negatively or positively).

Conclusion –So Who Should Go With Hostgator?

Shoppers normally select a web host based on a few key factors: company reputation, price, hosting features, hosting options, server performance, and customer supports. Except for the pricing, Hostgator is at top of its class in all other listed factors.

Hence, the decision on Hostgator is somewhat simple.

If you don’t mind paying a little extra (roughly extra $3/mo) for a better service, then by all means go with Hostgator! When friends asked for my hosting recommendation, nine out of ten times I would suggest Hostgator – simply because it is always the best hosting options at a reasonable price. 

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