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Note: I no longer update this site. For more info, please read my InMotion Hosting review at WHSR.


Based in both Carlifonia and Virginia, InMotion Hosting has been around for more than a decade (established in year 2001).

Unlike most other main stream hosting companies, InMotion offers a wide range of web hosting services (shared/vps/dedicated) in dozen of different packages. The company is best known with its superior customer service (the company is BBB Accredited since 23/6/2003 and scores A+ with BBB Busines Review at this time of writing) and is rated as one of the top hosting providers by many well-known hosting review sites. As such, experienced webmasters/bloggers normally regard InMotion as the web host for businesses and corporate users – you know, people who don’t mind paying a little extra for better reliability and after-sales supports.

In 2009, I got a free account from InMotion for review purpose and the company scores with flying colors in my test. I am not saying this because InMotion gave me a free account; I am saying this because InMotion is really outstanding in many ways. I am still an InMotion user now, using Launch Business Class Hosting; and this is my review on the company.

InMotion Hosting Special Discount

Now before we talk about the good and bad of InMotion Hosting, let’s talk about some special price discount (everyone loves discount, ya?) In case you are unaware, not all InMotion prices are the same. And, I can give you the best deal with InMotion Hosting (no, I am not sending you coupons or promo code).

Here’s how it works: For InMotion’s Business Class Hosting, the original pricing is $6.95/8.95/14.95 per month for Launch, Power, and Pro Package. If you order via my special promotion link (a special rate I got from the inside), you’ll get to save 20% plus get a year of free domain on all Business Class Hosting. The price after discount is $5.56/7.16/13.95 monthly for Launch/Power/Pro – you save some bucks via my promo link; and yes, I get to earn a small commission from this review, win-win! 😉

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InMotion Discount – Link Activation
Details: No Coupon Nor Promo Code Is Needed, 20% Price Cut + Free One Year Domain

Why InMotion Replaced Hostgator In My Top 5 Pick?

In case you are not familiar with Host In 15 (or WHSR) – FYI, I am a big fan of Hostgator (read my review on the Gators here) for years. And yet, InMotion displaced Hostgator and was selected as my top 5 in early 2013.

Why? Quick answer: Price.

Hostgator is still easily one of my favorite web hosts. However, with the latest special rate I got from InMotion management, InMotion now stands out slightly as the better deal. Both InMotion and Hostgator come with great hosting services, awesome customer supports, outstanding server uptime record (both higher than 99.9% according to my record), and broad server upgrading options (shared hosting to various VPS and dedicated hosting plans). Hostgator is better than InMotion in term of MySQL databases and addon domain capacity; InMotion, on the other hand, comes wth couple of valuable addon features including thousands of SPAM Safe email accounts and Max Speed Zone (more about this later).

Hence, the small price difference turned out to be the deciding factor between the two.

InMotion Hosting Price* Similar Plan @ Hostgator Price*
Launch $5.56/mo Baby $5.96/mo
Power $7.16/mo Baby/Business $5.96/mo
Pro $13.95/mo Business $9.71/mo

* Listed prices are based on my exclusive deals with the hosting company – For InMotion, use this promo link; for Hostgator, use promo code WHSR25DISCOUNT.

For easy reference, the table above provides a quick comparison between similar InMotion and Hostgator hosting plans.

Benefits With InMotion Hosting InMotion Hosting – Benefits

  • Premium Web Hosting Service – Affordable Price, Extraordinary Uptime Record Again I have to stress that InMotion is one of the best hosting services in overall. Like I said, I am an InMotion user since 2009. My site’s uptime record never goes below 99.9%  uptime – do I need to say more for a $5.96/mo web host? If you don’t mind paying a little extra (roughly extra $3/mo compare to iPage) then InMotion is a really good choice.
  • Exclusive Max Speed Zone InMotion Hosting utilizes peering technologies and multiple data centers at different locations (US East Coast or West Coast – Los Angeles CA or Washington DC). As a Business Class and VPS Hosting user, you are allowed to choose their data center location. And, if you live within the Max Speed Zone, your email and website can run up to 6x faster! Bear in mind that Google now counts site speed as a ranking factor, so faster site (in many occasions) means better search ranking.
    InMotion Max Speed Zone Feature
  • Excellent Live Chat Support I had very good personal experience with InMotion live chat support staffs – live chat requests were always answered immediately and my problems were normally solved efficiently (for real!).
  • Wide Choices For Server Upgrades Outgrown your current web host? No problem. With InMotion, you can upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting plan easily (more about how to choose the right InMotion hosting plan later).
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee Okay, you probably do not care much about refund policy and trial period if a web host is performing well. However InMotion’s lengthy trial period indicates a few positive things – one, the company is very confident with their service quality (90 days is the longest refund period in hosting industry); and two, longer trial period shows that the company has strong commitment in meeting customers satisfaction.
  • Proven Track Record In Hosting Business As a webmaster, the last thing I want to see is my hosting company ran out of business. Note that InMotion has been around for more than a decade. This means the company survived the collapse of dot-com bubble (2000-2002) and sub prime crisis (2008). If you are looking for a sustainable and stable hosting company, InMotion definitely fits the bill perfectly.

Problems With InMotion Hosting InMotion Hosting – Problems And Drawbacks

  • Limited Addon Domain For Business Class Hosting Unfortunately InMotion Business Class Hosting users can host very limited domains on their hosting account. The official numbers are 2/6/25 addon domains for Launch/Power/Pro package. InMotion’s Pro does allow unlimited parked domains but I think this feature is hardly useful to many.
  • Phone Verification For All New Customers InMotion operates on some very tight fraud prevention policies where all new customers will need to verify their purchase via phone. While this might sound nothing for those living in United States, it’s sort of inconvenient for some of us who are living outside U. S. (personally, I do not like to take long distance phone calls like this because of the time zone gap and reception issues). But then again, this is a give-and-take case – tighter security guidelines means the company is in better shape and you get to host your site in a safer environment (less chances of having spammers and fraudsters as neighbours).

My Experience With InMotion Hosting

Like I said previously, I have been hosting with InMotion (I’m on Launch Business Class) for almost 5 years now and I am very happy with the hosting company. The benefits listed above are all based on my personal experience – honestly, InMotion is all good! For your reference, the dynamic image attached on your right is the server uptime record for the past seven days. There are, however, three things I need to clarify before we end this review.

One, I often get this question from my blog readers…

"Jerry, Which InMotion Hosting Plan Should You Go With?"

InMotion Business Class Hosting - Entry Hosting Solutions For Business Users

Shoppers often get confused and undecided when they see the number of choices with InMotion Hosting. In case you are one of them, here’s my advice.

First, you have to choose between InMotion’s Business Class (which is a shared hosting), VPS, and dedicated hosting plans. If you need server root access or special security features or custom software, then VPS or Dedicated Hosting Plans are your options; else, (very) high chance that you would be alright with the lowest end package – Business Class Hosting.

InMotion has three different packages with Business Class Hosting – Launch, Power, and Pro. The main differences between these three packages are the limits on addon domains and mySQL databases. you can run on. Launch, Power and Pro supports 2/6/25 addon domain, 6/26/unlimited parked domain, and 2/50/200 MySQL databses respectively. So if you are starting with one domain, then just go with Launch (remember, you can always upgrade your plan at later stage); if you are running with 3 or more different domains, then go with Power or Pro – Simple as that.

Again, bear in mind that you can always upgrade your hosting plan at InM otion whenever you need it. So it’d be wise to start small and signup on the lower plan first.

Two, Launch Plan Does Come With e-Commerce Software Support.

InMotion Hosting - Shopping Cart Support

I’m not sure why InMotion has not updated its website but there are tons of great cart software supported (1-click installation) in my account (see image above). In fact, InMotion is one of the host that support the most business software – including OpenCart, PrestaShop, WHMCS, Magento, osCommerce, Zen Cart, The Hosting Tool, TomatoCart, AbanteCart, BoxBilling, Avactis, QuickCart, AlegroCart, PHP Point Of Sale, CubeCart, phpCOIN, and ZeusCart (what a list!).

Three, InMotion Renewal Price

Do note that the price listed here are all one-time promotion – The standard renewal price for 24-months subscription for Launch/Power/Pro will be $6.95/8.95/14.95 per month. In case you find this surprising, do note that this is a rather standard practice in hosting industry – hosting companies are often selling at the price below their cost in order to win market shares. And, upon renewal, they will charge back the usual rates (which, I think is reasonable).

Conclusion – So Who Should Go With InMotion Hosting?

Basically, anyone who do not mind paying a little more for a supreme class web hosting service should put InMotion into their consideration list. Max Speed Zone, SPAM Safe email accounts, attentive after sales services, reliable servers, 90 days full refund policy, and my special 20% discount link, I think you don’t need me to say more, right?

Order InMotion Hosting

For more details or to order InMotion, visit (link opens in new window):

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